Accidentally FLY

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New 90s Nite flyers out — the background pattern were taken from the Tommy Boy Entertainment’s logo — but redone as double rainbow rolls. The boxes will have printed stickers featuring upcoming dates and special guests — this way these flyers can stay current for longer periods of time.



Squirrel Hill Magazine Summer Edition

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Guess who’s designing the cover for Squirrel Hill Magazine‘s Summer Edition? That’s right — THESE GUYS! Hi-fives all around, we’re stoked to come up with a really memorable image. Keep your eyes peeled!

Sello Oveja Negra

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Always a sucker for other Blacksheep out there we were surprised to find Ana Tijoux (a new favorite artist of ours) was signed to the label Sello Oveja Negra.

Tentacle Love

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Just in time for V-Day. Get a stack of postcards for you and your loved ones here.

One More Reason to Back Your Art With Cardboard.

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We forgive you, USPS.

Printmaking: It’s an Addiction

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Looking around today at our room we realized something….

We have a lot of prints.

A LOT of prints.

(this isn’t showing our ‘official’ collection, either)


Finishing up the sketchbook!

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Check out the Arthouse Coop’s website for more information about their Sketchbook 2011 project and tour!